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2XU garments are proven by independent, scientific research to deliver real physiological benefits to athletes of all abilities.

Backed by Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH), 2XU is available in more than 70 countries worldwide.

NBA teams, NFL teams, the US Navy SEALs, Olympians, world champions and celebrities all choose to train, perform and recover in 2XU.


2XU (pronounced "Two Times You") was launched when former professional triathlete Jamie Hunt turned his passion for sport into an obsession with performance fabrics.

Together with two business partners, Australian retail guru Clyde Davenport (founder and past owner of Davenport Industries) and marketing specialist Aidan Clarke, Hunt created 2XU in Melbourne, Australia in 2005.

Starting out as a specialist run and triathlon brand, 2XU has grown to become the world’s most technical sportswear company, driven by a relentless pursuit to multiply human performance.

Power. Weight. Flexibility

2XU's proprietary PWX compression fabric has been developed for sport using the most advanced medical technology. Over the past 13 years we have developed a compression fabric that is highly powerful, lightweight and flexible for the ultimate performance.

Durability and Comfort

2XU's PWX compression fabric features durable high-filament nylon yarns and the most powerful and long-lasting elastane yarns for consistent power, shape and comfort with repeated wear.

Graduated Compression

2XU compression has a controlled graduation profile to increase blood flow, reduce blood lactate and increase lymphatic drainage. From development through to production, 2XU compression garments are tested using the medically certified Salzmann device.

Relentlessly Tested

2XU garments are backed by almost a decade of research from the world renowned Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and RMIT University.


2XU partners with the world's leading research teams to scientifically prove the benefits of 2XU compression.

We rigorously test our fabrics using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure our garments are engineered to sustain the demands of sport.

2XU compression delivers graduated pressure, with decreasing compression power from the extremity of the limb to the top of the limb to promote blood flow back to the heart.

2XU compression is tested using the Salzmann pressure measurement device (1) to ensure the correct mmHg pressure rating is achieved across all graduated compression garments. The Salzmann testing apparatus is internationally recognised as the most technically accurate device for compression measurement, and is commonly used to test medical compression.

The Instron tensile strength tester (3) is used to measure the tensile strength and resistance of 2XU fabrics. All 2XU compression fabric is quality tested for power and recovery properties. Products sold by competitor brands are also examined to ensure 2XU remains No.1 across all testing protocols around the world.

Intricate body measurements are taken by a 3D body scanner (4) featuring white light technology for a true-to-scale 3D body map. The fit and sizing of 2XU garments is determined according to these results, typically comprising hundreds of individuals of various shapes and sizes, to ensure 2XU offers the ideal fit for all athletes.

The thermal sweat manikin (5) performs movements that imitate human body patterns during activity and simulate the skin’s response to apparel in controlled environments. This data is interpreted to determine the moisture wicking and cooling properties of 2XU garments.

Our partnerships

2XU is worn by world champion athletes and sports teams and is endorsed by the world’s leading sports institutions.

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